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The Zerella Fresh family is hard-working, focused business, dedicated to success. We understand that the key to our goals, both in the short and long term, is our people.

Walk around the corridors, floors and paddocks at Zerella Fresh, you’ll meet all sorts of people who have built significant careers in our business.

Over the years, our long term employees have had the opportunity to grow with the company. Many have been with us for over twenty or thirty years, and have seen a great deal of change as the company has adapted to changing market conditions and challenges.

There are multiple career paths at Zerella Fresh, with occupations including agronomy, quality, safety, accounting, administration, farming, truck driving, forklift driving, sales, marketing, management, supervision, engineering, maintenance and operations.

We are also involved with the Community Bridging Service, a local job network provider, to provide paid work experience to local people in the area who have varying degrees of mental and physical disability. A team of up to eight people, supported by a caseworker, assemble cartons and crates ready for packing, forming a vital part of the Zerella Fresh supply chain and directly affecting our ability to effectively deliver for our customers.

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