Our Commitment
to Quality

The Zerella Fresh family stand behind our quality of fresh produce.

We continually strive to deliver our stakeholders, employees, customers and community a nationally competitive business, focused on providing excellence in our operations, products & services. We do this by:

  • Consistent delivery of quality controlled products & services that meet or surpass the quality requirements and standards expected by our customers.

  • Development of produce varieties that provide customers with the best possible preparation and eating experience

  • Investment in continuous improvement programs that ensures our processes and quality
    systems operate and continually develop to the highest standards

  • Provision of superior personnel training which ensures all employees are trained in and
    committed to quality products and processes

  • Actively support, promote and maintain an internal culture that respects and rewards the skills, loyalty and dedication of our employees.

Future and Daily Approach

  • Continue performing as an approachable and reliable company for all stakeholders
  • Identify and continue to invest in long term environmentally secure aquifer and recycled water sources
  • Minimise our environmental footprint
  • Work with the farmers and all customers to ensure quality throughout the supply chain
  • Continually search for new varieties with a focus on improving consumer satisfaction
  • Identify and continue to invest in diverse growing regions to allow 12 months continuous production and minimise the risk of local climatic conditions or disease
  • Develop export markets.
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Zerella Fresh

Zerella Fresh is committed to being Australia’s leading supplier and marketer of fresh produce.