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Zerella Fresh is committed to being Australia’s leading supplier and marketer of fresh produce.

The story begins in 1936 with the Zerella family establishing Zerella Holdings to further drive their passion about vegetables and fresh Australian produce on your plate.

In 2009 the Zerella family grew with an 100% ownership change into The Pye Group family. The Pye family had been gradually acquiring Zerella Holdings since their establishment in South Australia in the 1990’s. To reflect the family change Zerella Holdings was rebranded to Zerella Fresh, ‘Fresh’ reflecting the true nature and objective of the business – providing fresh produce to the consumer. Furthermore this ownership change placed Zerella Fresh under the existing strengths of The Pye Group family.

The Pye Group operates throughout Australia and New Zealand, providing communities jobs in a range of industries including agriculture, manufacturing and regional tourism. In 1990 Mark Pye brought his wife as well as his farming and agriculture strengths to the Mallee region in South Australia, where he established Parilla Premium Potatoes. Mark started with 250 hectares however by 1992 the land had expanded to beyond 2,000 hectares. By this time, Parilla was supplying 8,000 tonnes of processing potatoes to McCain Foods, growing 50 hectares of fresh market potatoes and had expanded into carrot production, supplying both the fresh and international juice markets.


Today we at Zerella Fresh are still passionate about the wholesome, delicious vegetables on your plate, proudly growing to one of Australia’s major suppliers of potatoes, carrots and onions. Family is at the forefront of this business having all Pye’s involved across New Zealand and Australia. We cover every element in the supply chain including variety selection tailoring to all consumers tastes, seed multiplication, growing, harvesting, transporting, washing, value-adding (top and tail carrots), packing, and wholesaling.

All Zerella Fresh produce is grown in Australia with no genetic modifications. All new varieties are derived from natural pollination and are carefully selected to bring to your plate the best in quality, taste and nutritional benefits – we hope you enjoy tasting the difference in every bite.

The key to the success of Zerella Fresh is its people. The Zerella team prides itself on being extremely flexible, reliable, innovative and committed.

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Zerella Fresh

Zerella Fresh is committed to being Australia’s leading supplier and marketer of fresh produce.