No Genetic Modification

Spud Lite line

Spud Lite is a natural pollination. Male and female pollen from two different potato varieties were selected because of their favourable characteristics and then cross pollinated (naturally bred). This produced a tasty, good looking, low carb potato that we now grow, wash and distribute in a Spud Lite bag. This concept has been used for around 500 years and is exactly the same as the way we as people are made.

zerella Spud Lite - 25% less carbs than other potatoes
Spud Lite potato recipes
Spud Lite line
Spud Lite line

Spud Lite potatoes are now available at select Woolworths, Coles, Aldi and many independent supermarkets with more added weekly.

Ask for them at your local supermarket.

Available at Woolworths Spud Lite by Zerella
Spud Lite available at Coles Supermarkets