‘25% less carbs than the average potato’

Spud Lite line

To make this claim we teamed up with a business called Food Legal who made sure we met all standards. Initially we had number of standard varieties (ones you would find in your local supermarket) tested for their carbohydrate matter. These potatoes are listed on the AUSNUT 2011-13 Food Database. We then compared this average number with the tests we had completed on our very own variety.

On average Spud Lite had 25% less carbohydrates then the potatoes tested. Spud Lite’s carbohydrate matter is at 8.9 grams per 100 grams. Spud Lite’s carbohydrate content is regularly tested by an independent certified laboratory whom regularly test on different sites (paddocks). This is to ensure Spud Lite continues to meet the claim of less than 25% carbs than the average potato*.

zerella Spud Lite - 25% less carbs than other potatoes
Spud Lite potato recipes
Spud Lite line
Spud Lite line

Spud Lite potatoes are now available at select Woolworths, Coles, Aldi and many independent supermarkets with more added weekly.

Ask for them at your local supermarket.

Available at Woolworths Spud Lite by Zerella
Spud Lite available at Coles Supermarkets